Creators rights surges in Uruguay with passage of audiovisual remuneration right and protection term extension

Uruguay became the third country in Latin America on December 18th to put a remuneration right for audiovisual creators into law. This has now been sent to the President for promulgation. 

Uruguay now joins Chile and Colombia as success stories in CISAC’s and Writers & Directors Worldwide’s global campaign to support audiovisual authors and to preserve their rights. Lobbying from CISAC, AGADU and authors’ rights organisations led to the passage. The laws were supported by numerous political parties in both houses of Parliament. 

The law establishes a right to remuneration for screenwriters, directors and authors or composers of musical works for the public communication of the audiovisual work, including public exhibition of cinematographic films. This remuneration is inalienable and may be managed through collective management. 

Uruguay has also passed legislation to increase protection terms for authors from 50 to 70 years. 

Celebrating the news, W&DW President Yves Nilly said: 

“W&DW welcomes the addition of Uruguay to the increasing number of countries recognising the importance and role of screenwriters and directors in the creation of audiovisual works enjoyed by people throughout the world. We thank the government of Uruguay for acknowledging their key roles, and look forward to other countries to rise to the occasion and continue the momentum in support of screenwriters and directors worldwide. And congratulations once again to the authors' organizations that on all continents are fighting collectively for the recognition of our rights and the future of audiovisual creation "