Video – Writers & Directors Worldwide 2016 Congress

The annual Writers & Directors Worldwide congress was held in Rio de Janeiro this year, with the support of CISAC and a number of host societies and sponsoring partners including ABRAMUS, ADAL, ARGENTORES, DAC, DBCA, GEDAR and the Order of Attorneys of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro (OAB-RJ).

More than 60 creators, authors’ society representatives and lawmakers attended the event including Latin American filmmakers Marcelo Piñeyro, Pepe Sánchez, Sylvio Back and Carlos Diegues as well as the new Brazilian government’s Secretary of Cultural Economy, Dr. Claudio Lins de Vasconcelos for whom the congress was one of his first official meetings. The busy three-day agenda incorporated keynote speeches from local industry leaders, the first foreign payment to the newly established Brazilian director's society DBCA, and panels focusing on rights protection, the challenges facing creators today and the new “Nelson Pereira dos Santos law” project for equitable remuneration in Brazil.

In each panel, Writers & Directors Worldwide brought international perspective to these local issues with expert commentary on how other nations were addressing and in many cases, beginning to successfully overcome them.

The team from Argentinian member, DAC has produced an outstanding video summary of the event in three languages – click here to play.

(The film is also available in Spanish and Portuguese languages.)