Building Bridges for a New Film Policy

On April 29, under the title of "Building Bridges for a New Film Policy", a meeting was convened by the Spanish Union of Cinematographers. Joining them in Madrid were representatives of the Spanish political parties represented in the European Parliament in Brussels including the current Secretary for Culture, Mr. Lassalle.

During the event, the audiovisual vice president of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores and current Writers & Directors Executive Committee member, Miguel Hermoso, intervened to refer the participants to Jean Michel Jarre’s statement two days earlier.

From his position as president of CISAC, Jarre had written to the UN on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day to reaffirm the importance of upholding creators’ rights. He reminded the recipients that "sustainable creative eco-systems depend on the recognition that creative works bring value to so many businesses that would not exist without them. In return, what we, creators, are asking is simple: to be fairly compensated for the use of our works and to be protected for our rights."

Spanish legislation, through Article 90 of the Copyright Act, is one of the few that legally supports a compulsory and inalienable right to equitable remuneration for audiovisual creators. Addressing the political representatives present, Hermoso concluded with a call to action.

Miguel Hermoso, Writers & Directors Worldwide

"We creators request your support in Brussels to boost regulatory recognition of that right and law throughout the European Community."


(Photographs © 2015 Miguel Plaza Perrot)