Ukrainians need our help and more

We are authors, directors, scriptwriters, playwrights, documentary filmmakers and journalists from all continents.

We have friends and colleagues who are in Ukraine, Moscow and at the borders of Ukraine and the European Union. They are covering the conflict provoked by Vladimir Putin's Russia, or are preparing to go there to do so.  Let us first salute their work. Like other sectors quick to denounce the invasion of Ukraine, such as the sports world,  our organisation is committed to freedom of expression and to freedom of information. We join this growing chorus of voices in strongly condemning the brutal and merciless aggression against the Ukrainian people and democracy. 

We need to go further. The people of Ukraine need help and much more now and over time. We will have to combine our efforts with other organisations, launch and finance actions to support. This is our main task now.

Let us not make the same mistake of 30 years ago when we watched the former Yugoslavia be torn apart, despite the courage and commitment of journalists and documentary filmmakers who covered the conflict on the ground. At that time, we did not sufficiently draw attention from the public in spite of the tragedy unfolding in front of our cameras, microphones and pens. 

Putin's war in Ukraine will undoubtedly be long and very deadly. It already is.

To those who think that it is already too late, it is never too late.

The Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom. We will help them in every possible way.

Writers & Directors Worldwide