Writers & Directors Worldwide Calls for a Unified Voice on Creators' Rights

Fair Remuneration for Audiovisual, Dramatic and Literary Creators Ensures Their Vital Contribution to the World’s Economy and Culture.

The newly relaunched “Writers and Directors Worldwide” authors’ council has called for a simplified debate on creators’ rights as latest reports put the economic contribution of the creative sector at record levels. The group that dates back to 1966 and was previously known as the International Council of Dramatic, Literary and Audiovisual Creators (CIADLV) has streamlined both its name and message in today’s announcement.

“The authors in these repertoires entertain millions across the world by creating films, TV series, books or theatre plays and simply need to receive a fair remuneration for their work:” said Yves Nilly, French author, screenwriter and newly re-appointed chair of Writers and Directors Worldwide. “Unfortunately, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of creators in this sector ­— individuals, often self-employed ­— cannot make a living from being an author. Authors’ rights are the key; without it they have to find other jobs and their creative contribution to culture, diversity and the economy is lost.”

This contribution takes two equally significant forms. In economic terms, the work done by writers and directors is usually the first step in launching productions that the British Film Institute for example, estimates has contributed over €5 billion last year to the UK economy alone. The second contribution is to the world’s culture, described in the recent United Nations Creative Economy Report as “both a driver and an enabler of human and sustainable development”.

The next generation of creators, those struggling to launch new projects today, especially need to be supported. The nature of writers and directors’ work also often encompasses long, single and sometimes speculative projects with the flow of income neither constant nor assured. “The only way to maintain a sustainable creative industry is to guarantee a fair remuneration to authors for every use and re-use of their back catalogue,” said Nilly.

Writers and Directors Worldwide has a full agenda for the coming months beginning with a new international action plan to support the struggle of directors and screenwriters for recognition in national copyright laws of fair remuneration rights for every use of their work. It will liaise with authors’ unions in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, India or China to share best practice and provide support in protecting rights in these fast growing regions.



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