Audiovisual Creators Meet in Brussels

During the recent Writers and Directors Worldwide Executive Council and Annual Meetings in Brussels, our Argentinian member DAC produced an informative film on the event.

In addition to giving an insight into the process, it includes a number of interviews with our members from all over the world. Each gives their regional perspective on the parallel battles for audiovisual creators' rights being waged across the globe today.Amongst those interviewed are:

  • Yves Nilly, Screenwriter (France)
  • Horacio Maldonado, Film Director (Argentina)
  • Sophie Kassies, Playwright (Netherlands)
  • Delyth Thomas, TV Director (United Kingdom)
  • Carlos Galettini, Film Director (Argentina)
  • Angele Diabang, Film Director (Senegal)
  • Cécile Despringre, Executive Director Society of Audiovisual Authors
  • Małgorzrata Semil, Writer and Lecturer on Theatre (Poland)
  • Kingston Anderson, CEO Australian Directors' Guild
  • Mario Mitrotti, Film Director (Columbia)
  • Dr Mariana Vera Brozan, Legal Director, Directores (Mexico)
  • Pauline Durand-Vialle, CEO Federation of European Film Directors

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