Jia Zhang-ke Opens Inaugural Pingyao Film Festival with Authors Rights High on the Agenda

Writers & Directors Worldwide Joins Selection Committee for new “Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright” Award

This weekend, the inaugural Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PYIFF) officially opened with a gala event in the Festival Palace of Pingyao’s ancient city. The festival was initiated by Chinese filmmaker, CISAC Vice President and the Patron of the Audiovisual Campaign, Jia Zhang-ke in collaboration with the prestigious festival director Marco Müller.

Writers & Directors Worldwide president Yves Nilly attended and together with CISAC Director General, Gadi Oron; former Director General of the legislative affairs department of the National Administration of Copyright China, Mr. Wang Ziqiang; and professor Wan Qian of the East University of Political Science and Law, formed the selection panel for a new copyright award.

The Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Protection of Audiovisual Copyright was presented by CISAC Repertoires and Creators Relations Director, Silvina Munich, to the China Film Directors’ Guild. The Guild’s Vice President and prominent film director, Mr Feng XiaoGang, took to the stage to accept the award.



“Jia Zhang-ke has placed copyright at the forefront of this inaugural Pingyao International Film Festival and this is to be welcomed. China will soon be the major actor in world cinema and Jia is sending a strong signal to the young generations of filmmakers, to whom the festival is giving pride of place. His total commitment to the international campaign for the right to remuneration for audiovisual authors should also challenge the legislators of our countries who refuse scriptwriters and directors this right. It is essential for the survival and growth of audiovisual creation throughout the world.

Yves Nilly – Author and President of Writers & Directors Worldwide

A video of the entire ceremony is available online with this award presentation beginning at 3:42:00. An English transcript of the award presentation follows.

Ceremony Presenter:

“In the early stage of festival planning, Mr Jia suggested having copyright as one of the key features of the PYIFF. This is the first time in the world, that a film festival is putting this forward. Therefore, CISAC decided to honour the PYIFF with the first Award for Contribution on Protecting Audio-visual Copyrights. The award to is to credit organisation or individual who has outstanding contributions to protecting copyrights of audio-visual works and their creators. Let us welcome the Director of Repertoires and Creators Relations for CISAC, Ms Silvina Munich from France, to present the Award for Contribution to Protecting Audio-visual Copyrights, on behalf of CISAC. Ms. Munich, please. She’s accompanied by Benjamin NG, CISAC Regional Director for Asia Pacific.”

Silvina Munich:

“Dear Jia Zhangke, vice president of CISAC, dear film creators, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. We are grateful to be here in Pingyao with you all and we would like to express CISAC’s sincere gratitude to director Jia in allowing us to present this award.

Let us introduce you the prestigious members of the selection committee: CISAC Director General, Gadi Oron; the President of Writers & Directors Worldwide, Yves Nilly; former Director General of the legislative affairs department of the National Administration of Copyright China, Mr Wang Ziqiang; and professor Wan Qian of the East University of Political Science and Law. The selection committee is honored to present, after deliberations, the award for outstanding contribution to the protection of audiovisual copyright 2017, to the China Film Directors’ Guild.

The China Film Directors Guild is the leading entity in China representing the interests of film directors. Over the years, the China Film Directors’ Guild, Through the China Film Copyright Association, has worked closely with European audiovisual collective management organisations to allow Chinese film directors to get paid for the use of their works for the first time. During the latest Copyright Act amendment in China, the Chinese Film Directors Guild and its members have made tremendous efforts to push for the change of authorship of audiovisual works to directors and screenwriters, and to include a remuneration right for them.”

Ceremony Presenter:

“Let us welcome the prominent director and vice president of the China Film Directors’ Guild, Mr Feng XiaoGang on stage, to receive the award.”

Copyright Seminar

The following day, Yves Nilly, Jia Zhangke, Wang Ziqiang, Silvina Munich and Benjamin Ng participated in seminar on "Copyright Protection of Creators of Film”. Sponsored by CISAC, this event was very well attended, particularly by younger creators.


Header image (l-r): Mr. Benjamin Ng, Mr. Feng XiaoGang and Ms. Silvina Munich. Image © PYIFF. Other photos © CISAC.