Horacio Maldonado graduated from the career of Film Director at IDAC – Film Art Institute in 1988. He made his debut with the feature sci-fi – horror film Alguien te está mirando (Someone is watching you – R 1988) at the age of 23 years old. This film was a great theatrical success. He continued his studies at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) in California between 1990 and 1992.

In addition to his career as a director, screenwriter and film producer, Horacio Maldonado also led – within a group film directors colleagues – the struggle that concluded with the recognition and full execution of the author’s rights for film and television directors in Argentina. Since 2005, he has been repeatedly elected as General Secretary for DAC, the General Association for Film and Audiovisual Authors Directors from Argentine Republic. Since 2008 he is chief editor in several media content as: Revista Directores and DirectoresAV.com.ar website.

In November 2017 he was elected President of Writers & Directors Worldwide for a two-year term.